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Ethics and Social Media Interaction Culture

23 Juni 2017

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Surakata – The Lecturers Team of Tarumanagara Communication Science Faculty conducts a community service in Warga Surakata High School, Tuesday (25/4) – Wednesday (26/4). The community service which was organized in front of 50 students was themed “Ethics and Interact Cultures in Social Media”. This service is also part of Tri Dharma College, held by the Headmaster of Warga High School Mr. Purwoto and attended by vice principal, Mr. Agus Harsono along with the colleagues.

With this service, the team which was led by Fikom Untar Vice Dean, Mr. Widayatmoko, provided materials related to ethics communication with the public with various cultures, through social media. There are 3 lectures which was given ; election ethics and non hoax news spread, ethics in social media and online business ethic. All participants are enthusiastic in following the lectures. (SP)

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