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Cheerful Fikom Expo At Lippo Mall Puri

14 Juni 2017

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On Saturday, June 3, 2017, Student Executive Board of Communication Faculty (BEM Fikom) Tarumanagara University held the final event of Fikom Expo 2017, at Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta. Fikom Expo is a routine activity of BEM Fikom to enrich the understanding of the academic community of Fikom Untar and the community about three areas of study in the Communication Studies Program Tarumanagara University: Public Relations, Advertising and Journalism.

Fikom Expo is the implementation of Fikom Untar cultural values of HEPI, namely Humanism, Entrepreneurship, Professionalism and Integrity. This activity lasted for three days, two days previously held at Tarumanagara University Campus which presented profesionals in the field of Public Relations, Advertising and Journalism. While the final event held as a charity festival dedicated to the disablities in the Elsafan Foundation. The event was cheered by musicians such as Barry Likumahua, Hiroaki Kato, Amelia Ong, etc., along with various games and art booths and also meals served in food trucks. In the occasion, the Act Dean of Fikom, Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si., attended to open the event (RL).

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