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12 Juni 2017

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Students Creativity Program in Kristoforus I High School

The young generations are in control to spread fake informations in a family or a group. However, the hoaxes are often spread in social media which threatening life of nation and states.

Observing these situations, the lecturers team from Tarumanagara Science Communication Faculty which was led by Riris Loisa, M.Si and Roswita Oktavianti, M.Si as a member, carries out the community service themed “The Usage of Media Social in High School Students with Noble Value”. This activity is part of College’s Tri Dharma Principal which was held at Friday, 9th June 2016 in Kristoforus I High School, Jakarta. This seminar was opened by Kristoforus I High School headmaster, Yotan Rante Banno, S.E.

Kristoforus I High School students are attending “The Usage of Media Social in High School Students with Noble Value”

There are five FIKOM Untar students – Novianto Pangestu, Ricardo Silenzie, Karl Vincent, Iqbal Tolenata, Jonathan Jordan – who are directly involved in giving a brief informations about using social media as spread of cultural values. The presentation for 102 students are fun and exciting with games about delivering the right and accurate informations.

The students listening the explanation about hoaxes, how to identify hoaxes and the solution and following the games with enthusiasm. This community service which was occured in Kristoforus I High School are the follow-up activities that have been done in 2016.

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