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Challenges and Chances for Bachelor of Future Science Communication Seminar

23 Mei 2017

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Jakarta, untar.ac.id/- Tarumanagara University of Science Communication held a seminar event in theme “Bachelor of Science Communication : Challenges and Chances in Future Profession and Business”. Yuliandre Darwis, Ph.D., the head of Indonesian Science Communication League become an important figure during the speech of this seminar. This seminar discusses about the rapid development of communication technology as challenges for scholars of science communication to compete in the communication field. Seminar was held at Tarumanagara University Science Communication Faculty at 23th May 2017 in Main Building, 11th floor, room 1106. Yugih Setyanto, S.Sos., M.Si as the moderator of this seminar, besides him, the seminar was attended by Dean of Science Communication Faculty Riris Loisa, M.Si and Fikom Untar students.