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Problem Based Learning (PBL)

19 Mei 2017

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Jakarta, untar.ac.id/fikom. Tarumanagara University Science Communication Faculty organize a workshop problem based learning (PBL). The workshop was held at 19th May 2017 in FIKom Untar 11th floor room 1101. Elsa Krisanti, Ph.D. & Kamarza Mulia, Ph.D. become the spokepersons in this workshop. The spokesperson are from Indonesia University Chemical Engineering Dept., Chemical Engineering Faculty. The dean, Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si., Pudek II/ The Head of FIKom Drs. Widayatmoko, MM.,M.I.Kom. along with lecturers attend this workshop. This workshop discusses about the process of basic learning in self-discovery which is aided by mentors, so it’s not just theoretical transfer like they always do in class, according to the interviewees. (SP)

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