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FIKom’s Student Chosen as Indonesia Man of World 2017

3 Mei 2017

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Jakarta, untar.ac.id/fikom – Raynaldi Rifaldo, Fikom Untar’s Student was chosen as Indonesian Man of World 2017 on the Man of World election event which was held by Melayu Internasional Production (MIP) in Anjungan Idrus Tintin Pekan Baru, Riau at 30 April 2017.

According to Reynaldi, the election of Man of World Indonesia 2017 focus on nature, examples, conservations of wild animal, environment and humanity. Reynaldi said on the Man of the World 2017 election process must past several states. FIrst, he was elected as the vice from DKI Jakarta, then chosen again as Man of The World Indonesia 2017. Furthermore Reynaldi said he will represent Indonesia as International Man of World 2017 which was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (AM)

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