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iCU’s World Health Day Community Health Care Services

19 April 2017

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Universitas Tarumanagara’s Faculty of Medicine students will once again hold the World Health Day Community Health Care Services to commemorate the World Health day. The World Health Day was first celebrated at year 1950 by the World Health Organization with the purpose of increasing society’s awareness and concern towards global health issues. This event is annual in nature and will be held at one of Jakarta’s Kelurahan. In this year, FK UNTAR’s I Care about You (iCU) uphold the theme of “BUMI : Berbagi Untuk Melayani” which means Sharing to Provide, for Health Issues are the responsibilities of the people as a whole, and not just the Government’s. On 2017, iCU will hold its WHD on May 6th 2017 at Kelurahan Tanah Tinggi, Kecamatan Johar Baru, Central Jakarta. iCU aims to provide healthcare services to over 350 residents residing there.   Here are our contact person: 08111770718 (Nashruta) / 087711996000 (Novia)

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