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Public Lectures of “Citizen Journalism Hoax and Ethics” in Manado

10 April 2017

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Manado, untar.ac.id/fikom – The lecturers of Tarumanagara’s Communication Faculty, Dra. Suzy Azeharie, MA, M.Phil, Sinta Paramita, SIP.,MA., and Wulan Purnama Sari, S.I.Kom., M.Si gave a public lecture in Kristen Negeri High School (STAKN), Manado at (5/04/2017). The public lecture’s topic is “Citizen Journalism Hoax and Ethics”. The arrival of FIkom’s lecturers were greeted by STAKN’s headmistress Dr. Jeane Marie Tulung, S.Th., M.Pd. and the lecturer of STAKN Manado Dr. Nico Gara, MA. The public lectures were attended by STAKN Manado various faculties.   According to STAKN Manado headmistress, “This public lectures about Citizen Journalism Hoax and Ethics is vital for students knowledge so they can identify which informations are false.” said Jeane. “We are thankful for the chance which was given by STAKN Manado in giving public lectures and I’m proud with the students enthusiasm of STAKN Manado for attending the public lecture.” Said Sinta. (SP)

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