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Graduate Students Developed Project Plan

2 Maret 2017

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Master Program in Urban and Real Estate student was dealing with a real-world experience by doing Studio works.  The 23rd batch students were collaborating with the corporate on two major projects around the city. Those projects were Fatmawati–Cilandak and Waduk Melati projects.  The outcome of this Studio includes the market and financial feasibilty of the planned projects on those two locations.

The final presentation took place at the 15th floor of Campus Main Building, Jakarta on December 17, 2016. There were notable reviewers participated in this event such as Harya Nayaka Wijaya (PT Erakencana Tunggal), Michael Saleh (PT Intiland Development, Tbk), Dr. Ir. Nurahma Tresani, M.M., M.P.M. and Djoko Subekti, M.B.A., Dipl.-Ing. (RA)

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