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Fikom Meet the The Dutch Minister of Education

16 Februari 2017

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Jakarta, on Monday (13/2/2017), lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Communication Science Tarumanagara University met The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Dr. Jet Bussemaker who visited Indonesia. Located at Erasmus Huis, Kuningan, both at the invitation from the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands embassy. On the same occasion, Minister Bussemaker inaugurated the Erasmus Training Centre as a centre of educational information for students from the Netherlands and Indonesia. In addition to meet the Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia Mr. Rob Swartbol, on that occasion, they also met one of the alumni of education in the Netherlands, a political communication scientist from University of Indonesia, Effendy Gozali. The man, are often become a speaker at several national television stations, has earned his PhD from Radboud University, Nijmegen. A few years earlier, Effendy Gozali was ever be one of the speakers of discussion at Tarumangara University.

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