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Exploring Learning Disabilities Poster Competition Winners

14 Februari 2017

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Increasing the society’s knowledge of learning disabilities is one of our aims in holding the Exploring Learning Disabilities symposium and workshop, and for that reason we held a Poster Competition that is open for everyone. In a timeframe of one month we received 50 posters from various sources across Indonesia. All of the posters are wonderful and encouraged us to work harder to further improve the society’s awareness. Our three juries analyzed and reviewed each poster carefully and thoroughly over the course of a little bit more than a week. They had difficulties on deciding which poster that could convey its meaning best, for all of the posters are wonderful and could snatch anyone’s attention. Our juries are dr. Rima Natasha, Sp.KFR, dr. Amien Suharti, Sp.KFR. and dr. Novendy, MKK., FISPH., FISCM. whom are experts in their fields. However, no matter how much credits we would like to give our participants, we have to come to a decision. Here are our winners! Congratulations


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