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Profession and Campus World is Different – Engineering Yudisium

8 Februari 2017

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January 24 ago, The Faculty of Engineering conduct a Yudisium to graduate their students. This event will graduate engineering graduates of all majors and courses. The number of graduates who passed on this Yudisium was 202 graduates. This event started with a speech by the chairman of the committee followed by a speech from Dean who is alsot the university rector. In his speech, The Rector convey a message to the graduates to see the opportunity and put the position well. “The world is a profession different from the campus. The challenges are different, different opportunities. A lot of friends from the outside searching for work, if you open a business, it is the same, a lot of friends from other places also open a business. So, the ultimately decisive is how do you see the opportunity and put the position on that opportunity. “, said Mr. Dean. After the speech, the number of graduates was read by the Vice Dean with the number of graduates 202 people consisting of: S2 Architecture 6 Graduates. Best Graduate: Hendry Winata (31715004) Architecture: 77 graduates. Best Graduate: Christian Reyhan Harlim (31512-159) Industrial Engineering: 50 graduates. Best Graduate: Kevin (545130033) Planning, PWK: 7 Graduates. Best Graduate: Annisa Sabilla Aufary (345120028) Electrical Engineering: 3 graduates. Best Graduate: Gary Jonathan Salli (525120025) Civil Engineering: 47 graduates. Best Graduate: Hima (325130109) Mechanical Engineering: 12 graduates. Best Graduate: Dionysius Marcielo (515130011) We wish the graduates can become a person who works well in the community after graduation.

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