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11th IMARTA Leadership Training – Architecture

8 Februari 2017

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On 2 s / d February 5, 2017, the Association of Students of Architecture Tarumanagara (Imarta) helda  Leadership Training Students  11, located in the Villa 77 Cisarua, Bogor. This activity was attended by around 30 participants from active students of Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Untar. The attendant was the Chairman and Secretary of the Department of Architecture, Student Trustees and also by the Assistant Dean and Director of Student and Alumni Tarumanagara University Dr. Adianto, M.Sc. In his speech Dr. Adianto advised that the importance of organizing and doing activities during college. In following this activity the participants must obtain permission from their parents. The purpose of the exercise of this leadership is to foster leadership, taught to know and understand the importance of a commitment, instill self-sufficiency, responsibility, discipline, and unyielding. And as the main speaker at this training was Mr. Kurnia Setiawan, M. Hum., The theme is “Applying Leadhership personality fit”

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