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SKETSA Magazine, 28 Years of Fight

12 Januari 2017

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On December 17, 2016, and located at Wastu 2 Room, 8th Floor of L Building of the University, IMARTA celebrated SKETSA;s Birthday . SKETSA which is a magazine of Architecture Students UNTAR has celebrated its 28th birthday. In this celebration, they held a seminar, workshop, talk show and also an Exhibition. This time, the celebration theme is “Upside Down: To See Beyond the Wall”. SKETSA is a publication media of architecture which is printed and also available in digital. This magazine has been published as many as 31 editions since December 19, 1988. This year, the 28 Year-old SKETSA  is led by Dhara Santy (315 130 093) is the supervise of IMARTA’s chairman Eikla Satya (31513052). Dhara Santy is also the chief of the committee in this Anniversary Celebration Event. The speaker in the talkshow in this celebration was Ardzuna Sinaga And Sigit Kusumawijaya with the theme “Urban Roads Redifining Thinking”. The talkshow was attended by total 120 participants. The participants consisted of 75 participants attended from Outside the campus and 45 participants from internal campus. Happy Birthday to SKETSA And hopefully you always give the Best.

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