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Exploring Learning Disabilities Poster Competition

22 Desember 2016

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Advancements in both the medical field and psychology have been exponential in discovering and identifying learning disabilities in children. However, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysphasia and many other learning disabilities have been hiding in plain sight for years without teachers, friends, parents and even the children themselves ever realizing it. Children whom experience any form of learning disabilities struggle everyday trying to study materials given in a way they find difficult. Parents, teachers and friends alike misunderstood the difficulties of these children Therefore, FK UNTAR decided that it is very important to make these conditions known to everyone, so that we can help them grow to their FULL potential!   Join us in our mission of supporting these children by submitting your poster(s), which could be a scientific poster or a popular poster. We have also prepared a token of appreciation for posters that are able to convey its meaning to the society. Your posters will be on display in the Exploring Learning Disabilities Symposium on 18th February 2017 at Tarumangara University’s Main Building’s 3rd floor Main Auditorium. Save the date! We’re collecting posters from 2 January 2017 until 6 February 2017, so send in yours within that time frame.   For specifics on what format you should send your scientific poster in, you can find it in this link. For popular posters, you can find it in this link.   For more information, contact us on: exploreldseminar@gmail.com dr. Clement Drew – 0812-9939-8934 dr. Hsu Chong Jen – 0817-0917-907

PS. Join our Symposium and Workshop too! click this link for more info on how to register.

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