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Be a Hero on the National Hero’s Day

12 Desember 2016

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Thursday, November 10th, 2016, at the 1st floor of M Building of the University, the Student Executive Board, Division of Community Services held a Blood Donor event. This event is in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Jakarta. These activities are regularly held every year by BEM FT with the aim to raise awareness of students and increase the sense of family and togetherness among students. The event is chaired by Sitta Faradilla / 315150173 and as the Supervisor is the Chairman of the BEM FT Andi / 325 130 002. These activities do not only help the Indonesian Red Cross in blood collection. This activity is also to celebrate the national hero’s day who falls on the same date which is 10 of November. By donating blood, the donors has become a hero in the hero’s day for those who need blood donors.

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