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Workshop Training of IMALEKTA – Electrical Engineering

2 Desember 2016

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The training workshop is a annual event of IMALEKTA and for electrical engineering students. This event is a practical brief to the students, especially the freshmen of electrical engineering who have different backgrounds. These activities support the lectures in electrical engineering, thus simplifying the task of students in college later, especially in making the Final Project. This training took place on 17 and 24 November 2016 at the Laboratory of Telecommunications and  Electrical Engineering Workshop itself. “This activity is fun and very useful for me. By doing this kind of practice I became motivated to create an innovative device, “said Yoke, one of the participants in this activity. This course is intended for students majoring in electrical engineering who are the first semester students and trained by higher level students. This training teaches students how to print a circuit board from a plain board, drawing, copper discoloration to the soldering process and installation of the components.

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