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2 Desember 2016

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Hiking or mountain climbing activities is one of the outdoor activities that are quite popular among the public at this time. Many benefits can be achieved in carrying out this activity, in addition to being one of the sport activities, with climbing the mountain, we can enjoy the beauty of the nature and indirectly fosters a love of the environment. In addition, the implementation of outdoor activities can train mentally and cooperation among the participants, which would certainly be useful later. Marsipala as a forum of students which love nature in the Faculty of Engineering. They always try to introduce the beauty of nature and the environment to everyone in order to further grow a love of nature by organizing activities, one of which is to coordinate the activities of mountaineering. On this occasion, Marsipala will coordinate the ascent of Mount Gede, Cibodas. Gunung Gede is one of the favorite places for mountaineers. Gunung Gede has an altitude of 2958 meters above sea level. A beautiful view and form peaks of craters adds the appeal to climb. Besides Mount Gede has a path that is not difficult for the public. Therefore, Marsipala chose Mount Gede as climbing spot. The purpose of this activity is Channelling interests and hobbies students which like outdoor activities, introducing outdoor activities to the general public and strengthen relationships with nature lovers from other universities. While the purpose of this activity is to Enrich yourself with experience and gain positive benefits, creates a love of nature and a desire to preserve it. Renaldo Bunaidi (325130097) is the Person In Charge and the Chief Executive is Hendry (545150047) for this event. The participants of the event is about 60 participants from Marsipala and also from public participants.

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