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Leadership Training of BEM- FT

2 Desember 2016

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Students is a generation which is believed to bring new ideas are creative and innovative in solving problems that occur and able to improve the less effective system in real life. So, BEM-FT held a Basic Leadership Training, for the 2016/2017 period with the aim is to train the new members of BEM FT, regenerate the board for the next period. The 40 participants was attending this event. In this opportunitym the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Adianto, M.Sc., And the Chairman of BEM FT, Andi, Chairman of the event, Estefanny came with a welcome speech. Located in Villa Adhyaksa, Cisarua on 4 to 6 November 2016. The motivator in this training is Mr. Kurnia Setiawan, S.Sn., Hum. The theme of the training is Great Leaders Create Incredible Teams. The purpose of this activity is to create a spirit of leadership, a sense of confidence, a sense of responsibility and cooperation to train management skills of the participants who would later become good leaders for an organization .

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