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Media and Politic Function by Dr. Harry Eko Susanto, M.Si

24 November 2016

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In Kapita Selekta class, Tuesday (22/11), Dr. Harry Eko Susanto, M.Si, one of the founders of FIKom UNTAR and Higher Education Association of Science Communication (ASPIKOM) present to give insight about media and politic function for FIKom UNTAR students. This topic according to Eko is important for students so they become critical against media especially in the campaign period as currently.

“In a democratic government, political messages which are critical have to be protected, so should not be silenced. In the past, the media in favor to the government, but now it has been entered into in the media democratization so the media should protect constructive political message, eliminate the destructive messages that contain hate and fear, “said Eko.

Media always tinged with a political system that affect the media work. Media owners who are actively involved in politics will affect the existing content in the media. When the media owner support a party or the president, the news in the media would side or flattering figure they supports, and vice versa. The media does not follow the principle of balance or cover both side in journalism. In essence, this may be done by the media, but only on the header column or editorial, not on all columns or news. But this is difficult to do if the media owners have been set for things to be preached and things omitted in the media. For that, people should be reading or watching the news more than one media source. (S / A / L)

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