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Engineering Students recieved Djarum Scholarship

9 November 2016

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Djarum Plus Scholarship is a scholarship given by Djarum Foundation as a contribution to education in Indonesia. The difference between Djarum Scholarship Plus with other scholarship programs is, Beswan Djarum (a term for receiving the program Djarum Scholarship Plus) obtain a scholarship fund for one year and get a wide range of soft skills training or soft skills in order to prepare them to be future leaders of the nation. To receive a scholarship Djarum Scholarship Plus, the participants must go through three main stages. The stages are the selection of administrative records, a written test and the interview stage. In the file selection stage, each participant already enrolled will be selected and chosen based files and data requested by Djarum Foundation. After going through the file selection, the participants who have already qualified will follow TPA written test which is held on August 25th, 2016 ago. Participants who pass the written test of the stage (which was announced on the same day), will step through the interview held on August 26th, 2016. After all the stages are passed, the participants waited for the results to be announcement through the official website or at the Djarum Scholarship Plus Tarumanagara University campus student section. From UNTAR there are 9 people who get a this offer from Djarum Foundation with four of whom are students of the Faculty of Engineering. Freya Cresentia Virani and Verawani from the Faculty of Economics, Chicilia Wongsodiredjo and Michelie Tamara from the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Michael from the Faculty of Psychology, anda from the Faculty of Engineering is Cindy Putri Wangsajaya, Hendy, Januar Chayadi, and Justian Grace.

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