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Maman Suherman Came to FIKom UNTAR

2 November 2016

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Fikom UNTAR arrival of a creative in the field of advertising and television programs, Maman Suherman. Maman became a guest lecturer in the Capita Selekta class, Tuesday (1/11) to share insights on creativity to Fikom UNTAR students.

Maman delivered three steps to produce something. “There are three steps called ATM, Observe, Copy, Modification. We could not make anything if we do not observe at first. As Mark Zuckerberg said, there is nothing really new in this world. The problem in Indonesia is the modification process was eliminated. Only imitate and followed by all-out, “said Maman who is also an author.

Moreover, Maman also explained the five capitals creative activities that are important to do. “In America and Europe no longer used 5w + 1H, but’ve 5R which are Read, Research, Reliably, Reflecting, and Write,” said the minutes in television program Indonesia Lawak Klub. By reading, we know a lot about something, and can do research that are involved or not involved directly. The information obtained should also be verified or substantiated to the source of the message. Reflecting mean we should not decide something as wrong or right, but understand the information or views from different perspectives. After that, pour the things we have already learned in the previous process into writing.

Not only insight, Maman also many shared experiences when he wrote his book, and deliver simple philosophies about life. (S / A / L)

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