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Students of Mercubuana Jogyakarta Participating In Learning Process in FIKom UNTAR

27 Oktober 2016

Oleh: Admin Pusat

FIKom UNTAR get a chance to be visited by students of Mercubuana university, Jogjakarta (27/10). On this occasion, about 40 students of Mercubuana invited to participate in the learning process in FIKom UNTAR. One class that they’re followed was Intercultural Communication class, the lecturer is Suzy Azeharie.

Intercultural Communication class with the theme country of Mexico, with the introduction of the country’s culture and featuring drama and dance of Mexico. Not only that, the atmosphere of the class is also increasingly making students excited about the arrival prosecutor Bobby Panjaitan, as guest speaker who share his knowledge and experience to the students. (S/A/L)

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