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Experts from The RI Attorney in Intelligence field Come to Fikom UNTAR

27 Oktober 2016

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Fikom UNTAR arrival of an expert from the attorney of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in intelligenc field, Bobby Panjaitan (27/10). Intercultural communication class, Bobby provides insight to Fikom UNTAR students about interview techniques in the investigation.

For interviews in the investigation, the initial preparation is the most important process and must be done carefully. One of the actions that need to be done in preparation is to know who will be interviewed. “Before interviewing someone, we should know the culture of who were interviewed and who he is, It can be easier for us to open or investigate the person,” says Bobby.

In order to successfully investigate someone, Bobby formed three teams with characters and different cultural backgrounds to confront the informant or the interviewee. The first team loud and assertive, the second team has a smooth character, and the third team like peace and practicality.(S/A/L)

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