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Candle Tree Junior High School Students Training to Print PCB – Electrical Engineering

25 Oktober 2016

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On Thursday, September 29th, 2016, Mr. Suraidi, S.T., M.T., lecturer of electrical engineering Tarumanagara University held an electronic circuit training. This course is intended for students of junior high school. The training which lasted for two days attended by 34 students in Candle Tree Junior High School, Serpong. Electronic circuits used in this training is a simple electronic circuit, the 1 bit counter. In this training, the students made their own Printed Circuit Board (PCB). A softcopy 1 bit counter circuit has been prepared. Students printed the circuit to a paper with a laser printer and then attach the printout to a blank PCB. The sticking process is done with a hot press machine. Once attached, the PCB was washed with water so that the paper can be detached. The results is a PCB board with a 1 bit counter circuit. After that, the PCB is dipped into a container of ferry chlorite liquid to dissolve the copper parts which are not used. Then, PCB drilled at the hole points which predetermined on the circuit. After it was drilled, the electronic components mounted and soldered on each terminal. A simple circuit of 1 bit counter and its components has been completed after these process.

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