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What is Advertising ?

18 Oktober 2016

Oleh: Admin Pusat


A guest lecturer, Adhi Purnomo  comes to Capita Selekta Class, Faculty of Communication  Tarumanagara University (18/10) Adhi already worked in advertising for 25 years. On this occasion, Adhi explained about advertising to students FIKom UNTAR.

Advertising is a marketing communication messages or public communication about a product that is delivered through the media, one form of advertising communications funded by the proponent known, and addressed to the part or the whole of society. One of the advantages of being someone who works in advertising industry is to provide information and to change the mindset of people.

Then how to make advertising work? To create a successful advertising creativity means it needs to be appropriate and adequate and correct targets.

“So, when I’m being asked ” I want to make advertised, should be on tv or not? “, I’ll say no, because of all the students here alone no one is watching TV. So, when I sell a product to a student, I would not use TV, “said Adhi. (S/A/L)