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Triple Helix Must be Developed – Prof. Agustinus Purna Irawan

11 Oktober 2016

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On October 10th, 2016, Province Deputy from INKINDO (National Association of Indonesian Consultants), did an interview to the University Tarumanagara. The University interviewee were the Rector who still serves as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Chairman and Secretary of the Department of Civil Engineering. The interview was conducted in the Main Building Campus 1 UNTAR 5th floor.   The Interview was did by Urip Yustoro who ask some questions about the engineering field. In this interview, Urip got an answer which told him that approximately 80% of UNTAR alumni from the civil engineering department worked according to their field. The job which is meant is contractor or consultant in civil engineering.   Another questions about the low interest of students to study in the engineering field is also asked. According to the Rector, who also serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, the lack of student interest in this field occured not only in UNTAR. This incident also occurred in the other Faculty of Engineering of another university. According to him, this interest may be related to remuneration which are not too high.   “Triple Helix must be developed between universities, industry, and government.”, Said Prof. Agustinus on the question of Mr. Urip. This answer is obtained to the questions asked about advice from him to face the problem of the low number of enthusiasts in engineering field.

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