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The Future of Man and Communication

23 September 2016

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Communication technology evolving so rapidly without us realizing it. We can communicate with anyone from around the world easily and quickly. The development of these technologies provide a little more information to people about the future of communications.

Journalists who are active in institutions of Press Society and Broadcasting Indonesia (MPPI), W. Kukuh Sanyoto in Kapita Selekta Fikom UNTAR class (20/9) says that man has entered the new wave which a man can’t be separated from communication and who controls the information rules the world.

“The future is information. Who controls the information, rules the world. Media can’t be imagined. Currently the data is in our hand. Smartphone is the future, “says Kukuh.

In order to adapt to the future of communication, we need to improve the knowledge and the ability to use a variety of available communication technologies. Otherwise, we will be increasingly left behind by those who know about the technologies and information. (S / A / L)

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