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FIKom Becomes Central Board of ASPIKOM

20 September 2016

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Pangkal Pinang (20/22) September 2016, Located in the Hotel Novotel Bangka is ongoing a National Conference 2016 with the theme The Power of Communication Seminar, Call For Paper & Workshop, Inauguration & National Working Meeting. The event was organized by ASPIKOM and Mercu Buana University.

The event is preceded by a foreword dihaturkan by ASPIKOM Chairman, Dr Heri Budianto, M.Sc. and Dr. Agustina Zubair, M.Sc. The event was opened by the Rector Mercu Buana Dr. Arissetyanto Nugroho, MM. Besides the conference was attended by the Governor of Bangka Belitung and whole Communication academics from various universities in Indonesia

Three FIKom UNTAR Lecturer; Dr. Harry Eko Susanto, M.Si, Dr. Riris Loisa M.Sc., and Dra. Widayatmoko, MM., M.I.Kom, also inducted into the central committee ASPIKOM the period 2016 – 2019. In addition, three other lecturers from UNTAR Fikom also follows the Call for Papers is Yugih Setyanto, S.Sos M.Sc., Lusia Savitri Setyo Utami, S. Sos, M.Sc., and Septia Winduwati, S.Sos M.Sc. (SP)

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