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The Power of New Media

13 September 2016

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Kapita Selekta Class in Fikom UNTAR, Tuesday (13/9) arrival a journalist who has worked for 32 years in Kompas, Irwan Julianto. In this occasion, he discussed about the new media and old media. In a simple definition, new media is an internet-based media, while old media is media that do not use the internet.

One interesting discussion shared by Irwan is about the power of social media which is one of new media forms. “New media has enormous power. Through social media, the President can even be removed from his position. It happened in Egypt when people do the movement on Facebook, “said Irwan.

New media have great power because the power and influence of the mass media which was originally located in the hands of the media, is now in the hands of the masses or the audiences. Information no longer sourced from one to many but from many to many. Any information the public can spread to other members of society.

The strength of new media such as double-edged sword that can produce good things, but on the other hand can result losses. “The new media power need to be used for good. Indonesia is one of many countries with the highest new media users, especially for social media. Imagine if all using social media for good, “added Irwan. (S / A / L)

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