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FIKom UNTAR Students’ Preparation to Facing Thesis

5 September 2016

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Faculty of Communication Tarumanagara University (FIKom UNTAR) gave birth to professionals graduate who are ready to enter the business world each year. But before that happend, the students need to do research and thesis to broaden their knowledge and experience.

Thesis on the odd academic year 2016/2017 in FIKom UNTAR already begun this September. After filing the title and get a preceptor, students preparing to do their research. Students do various preparations to make their thesis run well and smoothly. “for the preparation of thesis, I’m searching books for references and lobby with the subject for my thesis so he want to be interview,” said Tania who do research about acculturation.

In addition to the technical preparations, the students also prepare theirselves mentally. “I prepared myself with a lot of pray and always think positively,” said Lieni that do research about motives of using a transport application. (S/A /L)

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