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Lecturer of FIKom UNTAR Being a Participant of Media Research Competition IMRAS 2016

3 September 2016

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The 5th Indonesia Public Relations Awards & Summit (IPRAS) 2016 The 3rd Indonesia Media Research Awards & Summit (IMRAS) 2016, titled WORKS NATIONS inspirational to be held at the Aston Hotel and Conetion Center. The event took place on August 31, 2016 This is a research competition events, public relations programs and night of the awards to both individuals and corporations and institutions under observation and assessment criteria SPS work and the work of Inspiration.

Call for paper research in 2016 IPRAS raised the topic of trends in media consumption patterns Indonesia 2016 research competition consists of three categories, categories of social media, online media category, and the category of the print media. IMRAS 2016 jury are: Prof. Sasa Djuarsa Sendjaja (Univ. Indonesia). DR. Eriyanto (Univ. Indonesia), Arief Prabowo (Vice President Corporate Communication of PT. Telkom Indonesia), Thoriq Hadad (SPS Centre / Media Practitioners) and DR. Irwa Zarkasi (University of Al Azhar Indonesia).

Lecturer of FIKom UNTAR Septia Winduwati, M.Si become one of the participants of the competition in the category of social media research with the title “Instagram as a Virtual Showcase (A case study on voting behavior make up artist for the bride)”. This study shows that there is a trend of the election and the use of services of a makeup / makeup artist (MUA) professional wedding through social media Instagram.

In contrast to previous years, the implementation IPRAS and IMRAS 2016 attended by the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo, RI Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, Banyuwangi regent Abdullah Azwar Anas, Press Council Chairman Stanley Adi Prasetyo, rector of Diponegoro University Yohan Jos Main. (SW)

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