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What The New Students Said?

22 Agustus 2016

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One week lecture has been passed by freshmen class of 2016 Fikom UNTAR . They have participated in various classes , meet the lecturers , get tasks and establish new friendships . Each new student have distinct impression for Fikom UNTAR .

Three student of 2016 class Karin, Meydita and Vanny share their impressions about the lecturers , facilities and services of Fikom UNTAR for a week phase of their college.

” In Fikom UNTAR so much fun, no seniority , the facility is also okay, “said Karin .

“The lecturers is well, intriguing. We already get assignment for speech and create a short story,”explains Meydita .

“Nice lecturers, fun, have a good way in teaching. The staff are also friendly , “said Vanny .


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