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Glory Oyong Messages For Students

16 Agustus 2016

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Faculty of Communication held a parents meeting on the 11th floor, Main Building, Tarumanagara University, Saturday ( 13/8). Glory Oyong which is the Alumni of FIKom UNTAR and now works in Kompas TV as a News Anchor attended the event. In front of students and parents, Glory submit suggestions or message that is to be active in the organization and sharpen their skills.

“So many opportunities, opportunities to be active. Parents should also help to support. Believe that our children be active in campus then it is also for their success,”said Glory.

In addition to giving her advice to students, at the parents meeting Glory express her impressions when she become a student at FIKom UNTAR. According to her, FIKom UNTAR gave her a lot of opportunities. Glory adding that FIKom UNTAR provide opportunities for internships because of the extensive network of our lecturers. (S/A/L)

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