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Three Field of Specialization in FIKom UNTAR

12 Agustus 2016

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Three field of specialization in Fikom UNTAR which are Public Relations, Advertising and Journalism introduced to new students on the third day of new admissions event (PMB) Fikom UNTAR (12/8). The introduction of the three field of specialization is intended that students know and choose the right major accordance with their interests. FIKom UNTAR lecturer who taught for Public Relations (PR), Yugih Setyanto introduce Public Relations as a science in maintaining good relations with anybody. “Prior to relate well with others, we should be PR for ourselves first,” said Yugih.
After PR field of specialization, the next field of specialization is Advertising. FIKom UNTAR lecturer who taught for advertising field of specialization Genep Sukendro said advertising is a creative world and how to stay young. “In advertising, we can work with fun and has a lot of friends. Become anything need to be creative and creative is ad man asset “said Genep. The third field of specialization introduced to new students is journalism. Farid Rusdi who is a lecturer for the field of specialization said that journalism is not only a presenter and reporter in front of the camera, but journalism more than that and very spacious. “Journalism opens opportunities for you to go abroad and meet important figures,” said Farid. (S/A /L)

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