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Day Two PMB in Fikom UNTAR

11 Agustus 2016

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New Student Admissions (PMB) FIKom UNTAR second day was held today (11/8), at the 12th floor, Main Building, University Tarumanagara. By wearing T-shirts and bags bearing the FIKom UNTAR, whole new students meet Fikom UNTAR lobby.

Previously, new studentsof FIKom conducting PMB together with other faculties. On the second day, they did so together with other students of FIKom UNTAR. The event was opened by singing Indonesia Raya and Mars Tarumanagara, dean speech, and recognition of faculty and staff.

“Thank you for deciding to join the FIKom UNTAR, we wish for you studying here can get a pleasant experience both in academic and non-academic,” said Riris Loisa, Dra. M.Si as Dean of Communication Faculty UNTAR while giving a speech to new students.

When the introduction of lecturers, some lecturers give some advice and hope to the new students. One of them is Daniel Tamburian. Lecturers who teach concentration of Public Relations said the students should be active in lectures and organize.

Furthermore, students follow a series of events such as, the introduction of LBM, social debriefing session in the lecture, the small groups and preparation for tomorrow’s talent show. (S/A/L)

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