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Workshop P3HKI at Bali

4 Agustus 2016

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Bali, ( 07/04/2016 ) Located at Hotel Mercure Harvest Land Bali . It has opened the Workshop on Research Proposal Development and Finalize , Scientific Article Writing And Preparation Description Registration And Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR ). The event was organized jointly by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Communication Tarumanagara University.

The event was opened by the chairman of  P3HKI Workshop, Drs. Widayatmoko,MM. , M.I.Kom. and was attended by 11 universities throughout Indonesia . In the event also invited key note speaker, Prof. Dr. I Nengah Duija , M.Si as rector of Institude Hindu Darma Negeri . As a guest speaker, Prof. Dr. Augustine and Dr. Purna Irawan Widodo Kushartomo. (SP)

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