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What FIKom UNTAR Students Say on Cyber Bullying?

1 Agustus 2016

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Cyber ​​bullying is a form of violence committed in cyberspace or internet such as ridicule, humiliate, intimidate or embarrass through the medium of the Internet, digital technologies or mobile phones. Forms and methods of cyber bullying actions are diverse. Can be a threatening message via e-mail, upload photos to embarrass victims, creating a web site to spread slander and mock the victims to access social networking accounts of others to threaten the victim and make trouble.

Cases of cyber bullying is currently being a debate in the community. Bunga Deviani, students of FIKom UNTAR said that cyber bullying occurs because people are too indulgence in his personal life on social media for 24 hours nonstop, which ultimately gave rise to the negative comments.

“They’re bullied peoples must be have a reason. The reason people bullied because of envy, they wanted to be rich (as) people they bully but could not, “added Bunga.

A similar opinion was also expressed by Dewi Vemina, Student of 2013 FIKom UNTAR. Dewi Vemina said that cyber bullying occurs due to many factors, one of which is envy and jealousy. Those who do it by inadvertently because their environment has become a habit of ridicule and insult other people, there is also a sense of envy or jealousy against those who oppressed, because of the nature of those who love to bully other people.

“But the most important of cyber bullying, according to me is the lack of self-consciousness to appreciate others. Appreciate anything that anyone else has, “said Dewi.

Dewi added that cyberbullying does not happen again if every human being has human values, respect theyself, and knows how to respect others. (S/A/L)

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