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General Discussion “Transmission Lines: Planning, Design, and Construction Aspect”

20 Juli 2016

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To motivate the students, the Master of Civil Engineering has held a general discussion on 20th May 2016. This general discussion was organized periodically by inviting the local or international academics to share their insight and knowledge. This time, the general discussion brought up “Transmission Lines: Planning, Design and Construction Aspect” as the theme. Ferawati Gani, Ph.D., P.Eng. was proudly invited to be a keynote speaker in this general discussion.

This general discussion participated by 46 students in Master of Civil Engineering at Tarumanagara University. This event was opened by Dr. Ir. Onnyxiforus Gondokusumo, M.Eng. (Head of Program).

The purpose of this general discussion is to enlarge the insights and knowledge of the students of Tarumanagara University in this master.


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