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Final Project Presentation for 2nd Semester 2015/2016

20 Juli 2016

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After finishes all theory and practice courses, it is time for FTI students to apply their knowledge in the form of scientific papers, called Final Project report. In the second semester 2015/2016, the students have to present their report from 28 to 30 June 2016 or from 14 to July 22, 2016.

This semester, report presentation followed by 65 students from Computer Science department and 23 students from Information Systems department. Fields of study of Computer Science student include Applied Computational Science, Intelligent Systems, Information Retrieval, Game Development, and Distributed Applications. While the fields of study of Information Systems student includes Applied Database, Applied Enterprise Resource Planning, Software Engineering, Business Intelligence, Geographical Information Systems, Science, Technology, Society and Information System.

Congratulations to all FTI students following this Final Project report presentation and good luck.

fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_1 fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_2  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_3  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_4  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_5  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_6  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_7  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_8  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_9  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_10  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_11  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_12  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_13  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_14  fti_untar_sidang_skripsi_15

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