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The Entire UNTAR Faculty Inweave The Hospitality in Halal bi Halal Event

15 Juli 2016

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University Tarumanagara (UNTAR) held Halal bi Halal with theme ” Inweave the Hospitality & Tolerance” (14/7). This event was held in the Main Auditorium M Building 8th floor, West Jakarta and attended by the Rector, Dean, Academic Foundation Board, professors, lecturers, staff and students of all faculties. UNTAR Communication Faculty Dean Dr. Riris Louisa, M.Si attended representing FIKom UNTAR.

The invited guests were greeted with a plate dance, song Kampuang nan Jauh di Mato and Ayam den Lapeh which is the culture of West Sumatra. Event sessions continued with speeches from UNTAR Rector Prof. Ir. Roesdiman Soegiarso, M.Sc., Ph.D. which invites the entire community to continue tolerate amid UNTAR multicultural environment.

“Where we stand, upheld the sky. Where we are there is the tolerance. It is created in UNTAR multicultural and there is a high tolerance spirit and togetherness, “said Prof. Ir. Roesdiman Soegiarso.

Family atmosphere getting higher when a large family of UNTAR establish the hospitality with shaking hands and have lunch together. The whole sessions followed with enthusiasm by UNTAR community. (S/A/L)

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