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FIKom UNTAR Students Preparation To Face The Thesis Trial in 2016

15 Juli 2016

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Thesis is one of the results of scientific work and the requirements for students to obtain a college degree. For approximately one semester doing  some research, they will enter the final stage of the thesis trial. Now, some studentsof  FIKom UNTAR are preparing to face the Thesis Trial.

Student of FIKom UNTAR force in 2012, Dewi Sumiati is one of the students who will attend the session thesis that will be hold around the end of July 2016. The preparations that have been done were reiterate all the chapters to deeper the subject.

“Review from the first chapter to the end, looking for questions that may be ask by the examiner and also make the powerpoint,” said Dewi, who discusses about Intercultural Communication-Based on Bali Local Wisdom (Case Study: Bali Public Rejection Against Syariah Travel).

Beside technical preparation, the students also seek to avoid distress by enjoying the process, do some refreshing and consult with seniors or their friends who have passed the thesis trial first. (S/A/L)

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