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High school students 1 Belitung Enthusiast Discussions PR and Journalism

27 Juni 2016

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In order to share the knowledge and build relationships with the community, Faculty of Communication UNTAR  perform community service activities in the environment at SMAN 1 Tanjung Pandan, West Bangka Belitung province, on Monday (20/6).

FIKom team consisting of Gregory Genep, Farid Rusdi, Septya Winduwati and Yugih Setyanto present two topics, namely “Wisdom in Dealing News via the New Media” and “Understanding the Functions of Public Relations in Maintaining Reputation School,” Both of these topics are considered relevant enough to the conditions and problems faced by the students and the school.

Farid Rusdi and Genep who submit material about media give their views on how to address the students about information circulated via social media. “Do not easily trust and you should confirm the truth about the information,” said Farid in the presence of students SMAN 1 Tanjung Pandan.

As for the functions of public relations for the school, Septya view the importance of understanding for students to maintain the reputation of the school. According to Septya school’s reputation can be started on how the students maintain good behavior in society. The students who participate in this event ask a lot and discuss the matters related to social media and public relations until the end of the session provided by the school. (YS)

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