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Potency of Lemon as a HIV-1 Preventive Method on Woman- Mutiara Lirendra and Rio Alexsandro

19 Juni 2016

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Tarumanagara Medical Competition is the first national scientific competition ever held by BEM FK Untar, which is divided into three competition branches, they are Literature Review, Scientific Poster, and Public Poster. The competition selects 5 best articles and posters from all participants, in which the 5 best will present their article or poster on the final stage. On this event, FK Untar’s student, Mutiara Lirendra (405130147) and Rio Alexsandro (406151055) succeeded on reaching the finals. In the final stage, all finalists are to present their work in front of the judges at Saturday, May 28th 2016. The judges for Public Poster competition are Dr. dr. Linda Julianti, Sp.KK. and Dra. Helmi, M.Sc.. Mutiara, as the team  presenter, presents the team’s work by using powerpoint and poster. Mutiara and Rio’s work, uses a systematic review method, to compare researches that claimed lemon as an effective anti-HIV agent with researches that claimed otherwise. They succeeded in gaining a conclusion from those researches. The key of success from researches that claimed lemon is an effective anti-HIV agent had a standardized pH control and procedure. While researches that claimed otherwise wasn’t controlling the lemon’s pH very well. Optimal pH is only achieved with standardized pH control, which then causes lemon to denaturate HIV. The optimal pH level needed to denaturate HIV is less than 4. Other than pH control, washing the lemons also affects the success of lemon as an anti-HIV agent. The team also included the data of viral load reduction in vivo from ejaculatory fluids and histopathological specimens from test animals vagina, which did not show any changes. Cost-wise, the team also gave some insight on this matter by sharing affordable lemon price. The team presented their article and poster very well, concise, clear, and the team can also answers a lot of the judges question. The finalist announcement was done at the same day, with Mutiara and Rio team succeeded in claiming the third place on Scientific Poster Competition Field. The first place was claimed by a team from Airlangga University with the work title of “The Potential Usage of Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid (SAHA) and Nelfinavir through Nanoparticle Polylactic Co Glycolic Acid Poly Ethylene Glycol (PLGAPEG) Media Labelled with Anti CD45RD as The Latest Modality on Eradicating Latent HIV in The Future”, while the second place is claimed by University of Indonesia, with their work title “Late Bubble Potency of Specific Luteolin C-Met from Senna Pettersianida via Nannobubble as HPV-16 Cervical Malignancy Treatment”