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Green Tea Extract (Sinecatechin) : A Promising Prospect of Skin and Genital Warts Treatment- Sheilla

19 Juni 2016

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arumanagara Medical Competition is the first scientific competition ever held by BEM FK Untar. There were 3 branch of competitions, which were literature review, scientific poster, and public poster. The registration and articles collection was closed at May 1st 2016, and the finalist announcement was done at May 23-24th 2016 through TMC official account. The finals presentation was done at Saturday, May 28th 2016 at FK Untar. The judges for scientific poster competition are Dr. dr. Linda Julianti Wijayadi, Sp.KK. and Dra. Helmi, M.Sc. All of the finalists presents their article and poster with the powerpoint media. On this event, Sheilla Khonada (405130002) worked together with Kevin Edro from Indonesia’s Methodist University. There are five subcategories theme that can be used on the scientific poster competition, and Sheilla’s team participated in the herbal branch. Sheilla’s team did a systematic review method for their article, where she compared researches that studied the treatments of Condyloma Acuminata. The team’s poster presents a new herbal medication that have been phytopharmacology standardized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is green tea extract ointment (sinecatechin). We compared some  treatment modalities of condyloma acuminata in which the patient themselves can apply (patient-applied), which were sinecatechin 15% ointment, imiquimod 5% cream, and podophyllotoxin 0.5% ointment. Some of the success parameter we compared were the length of treatment, rate of total recovery, local and systemic side effects, relapse rate, and the cost of the medication. From the researches we studied, the sinecatechin 15% ointment were better compared to the other treatment modalities, because it has higher recovery rate, minimal local side effects, no systemic side effects, lower relapse rate, and much lower cost of medication. The sinecatechin 15% ointment hasn’t been used frequently in Indonesia, which encourages us to promote the use of the ointment to treat condyloma acuminata disease on a national scale. The team’s poster and presentation showed a table of comparison between sinecatechin 15% ointment, imiquimod 5% cream, and podophyllotoxin 0.5% ointment, and the team took a picture from the studies before, showing the difference on the skin before and after the usage of sinecatechin 15% ointment. The team was able to present a simple yet effective and applicative treatment in the clinical society, they were also able to present their article with great enthusiasm and depth, explaining how sinecatechin works biochemically. On this event, Sheilla’s team managed to claim the fourth place, while the other FK Untar’s team (Mutiara) was able to claim the third place.

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