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FIKom UNTAR Library Supports Students Academic

16 Juni 2016

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 Students of the Faculty of Communication Tarumanagara University is currently facing a final exam second semester 2015/2016. To deepen their material, students supported by Fikom UNTAR library at 12th floor, Main Building, Tarumanagara University.

Library  UNTAR Fikom has facilities such as books, wi-fi, a chair, a table and a television. The books contained study material, but also novels, magazines, journals, newspapers, the work of students, a collection of thesis and student interns reports and film.

“Every day this library is visited by 50 people, not only from students Fikom UNTAR, but also from other faculties such as Psychology, Law, FSRD, Engineering and others,” said Yayat Supriyatna who has worked for 8 years at the library Fikom

Fikom UNTAR have a budget each year to add the collection of new books in the library. In addition, students and lecturers are allowed to donate books to the library. (S/A/L)

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