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Practice to be a Broadcaster in FIKom Untar Lab

15 Juni 2016

Oleh: Admin Pusat


Faculty of Communication Tarumangara University has a Radio Lab as a facilities to support in the course radio broadcasts production. Fikom UNTAR radio Lab equipped by Mixer, Computer, Microphone, Headphone and Speaker.

By using the Lab, students can learn how to operate the equipment of radio production and become good radio broadcasters. In addition, the labs are also used by students to produce radio jingles and commercials.

“By learning to use the Lab, I understand the process of production, the way to be an announcer and radio broadcaster. It’s so Fun!” Said Aileen, the student of 2013.

Aileen also said that practice in radio lab make her learn new thing, like how to make interesting program for people and as the aptitude later. (S/A/L)