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PR’s Challenge in Digital Era

10 Juni 2016

Oleh: Admin Pusat


Human life is changing very fast. In the past, we were in the analog era, everything was done manually. This time, we have entered the digital era. The digital era is done optimally use of technology, almost all daily activities using the digital technology.

A Lecturer from Faculty of Communication Tarumanagara University, Yugih Setyanto say that the changes of technology also affect the Public Relations (PR) profession. PR increasingly facilitated in doing his job, especially in build a reputation and communicating with the public through its website and social media.

“In the era of social networking, we don’t need the media (mass), we can directly communicate with the public,” explained Yugih.

With the ease, there are challenges that also must be faced by the PR in the digital era  which the information credibility and the company’s reputation must be maintained. People may not believe the information that submitted because the level of confidence in the social media is still low. The openness in social media and website also allows everyone becomes participatory who can post negative and positive comments about the company. It’s certainly can impact the company’s reputation.

To be exist in the digital era, according Yugih, PR must adapt to developments in technology and social media, and also remained expand relationships. (S/A/L)