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FIKom UNTAR’s Student Do An Internship at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia

10 Juni 2016

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An internship is one of the requirements for graduation from the Faculty of Communication Tarumanagara University. Beside that, the students take advantage of internships as an opportunity to gain experience in the working environment. In addition targeting large corporations as a place to do the internship, students are also keen to gain experience in government institutions.

One of the Fikom UNTAR’s student who do the internship in a government institution is Alvina Anggariani. Currently, Alvina became one of intern  staff in Directorate General of Informatics  and Public Diplomacy Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenlu RI) from May 2 to August 31, 2016. The reason she decided to intern at Kemenlu RI is as a first step to achieving her goal of being ambassador in New Zealand.

“My impression to be an intern in  there was cool, because in every activities I also being  included and it allow me to get to know new friends from different fields. In addition, the staff of  diplomatic and public information is willing to teach me and the atmosphere is fun, “said the six- semester student majoring in Public Relations. (S/A/L)

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