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Entrepreneur Week at Mall Ciputra

31 Mei 2016

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Education and experience in entrepreneurship are very important. The first mistake of an entrepreneur is if rely more on experience than education, while the second mistake is when an entrepreneur only with education but poor field experience. Under these conditions, the combination of education and experience are key factors that determine the success of entrepreneurial activity.

On 04 May – May 8, 2016 held at Ciputra Mall, West Jakarta, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Tarumanagara University  in collaboration with the Faculty of Art and Design and the Faculty of Information Technology held an exhibition titled “Entrepreneur Week”. What is the “Entrepreneur Week” it? Entrepreneur Week is a routine activity held each semester by the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics,  Tarumanagara University, since 2012/2013 Semester,  exactly on 20-22 May 2013.

This activity is the implementation of the business plan compiled by a Student with Entrepreneurship Concentration on Department of Business Management, as part of the final project course Managing and Growing an Entrepreneurial. This activity is the seventh time, held by the study program S1 Management and other faculties are working together, and themes raised in Entrepreneur Week 2016 event is “Innovation, Taking You Forward”. The event was attended by Prof. Dr. Dyah Erny Herwindiati, M.Si as the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Ir. Jeanny Pragantha, M.Eng  and Mr Wasino, M.Kom as Vice Dean, Lely Hiryanto, M.Sc as Head of Deparment of Informatics Engineering and  Desi Arisandi, MTI as Head of Department of Information Systems.

The purpose and benefits of Entrepreneur Week are:

  • Accommodate student task to implement business models contained in the business plan
  • to give the experience to students in how to start and run a business.

The benefits of Entrepreneur Week are:

  • Students gain experience and business practices based on a business plan that has been prepared.
  • Students can prepare to start a business when they graduate

Entrepreneur Week becomes a place for students to bring in creativity and innovation in the form of a product that can be published and accepted by society.

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